What age for exersaucer? – It is a common question of all parents. Every parent wants to buy exersaucer for their baby. But most of them don’t kwon exersaucer age recommendation. Parents always exited to purchase best exersaucer for their baby. So they go to market and buy an exersaucer for their baby. But before buy exersaucer they should know exersaucer age recommendation.

All parents should use exersaucer for their baby. Exersaucer ensure a safe and sure playing environment for our baby. It develops our baby skill from different ways. It increases our baby skill mentally and physically. In exersaucer there are attached different kinds of toys. So your baby enjoys this so much and spent a great time. If you want you can also add here many toys for your baby.  We know exersaucer is better than jumperoo. But in use of exersuacer here is some limitations and age recommendation.

I have a one year old baby. She loves to play in exersaucer. In this time I take a little rest. I buy evenflow exersaucer for my baby. Before buy this exersaucer I face the same question – what age for the exersaucer. I research on many blog and through question in many community sites. But I don’t get any proper answer. At last I take suggestion for a baby specialist. She shares everything with me – exersaucer age recommendation. Today I will share may experience with you.

Four to Six months old baby

While you can have the exersaucer for whatever length of time that you need, the initially suggested age for exersaucer that the child ought to get their first contact is once they can sit even with negligible support. It doesn’t really need to be in their initial six months. Some baby get baby in four months but some others cannot get this. So it is varying baby to baby. You don’t need to thing about this. The principle indicates is ensuring that your infant can really sit despite the fact that they may require some kind of support.

Six to Seven months old baby

In this time, the child ought to have the capacity to sit in exersaucer without depending staring them in the face for support or some other things. It is an extraordinary time to at last have the baby in the exersaucer. Remember that distinctive children will grow in an unexpected way. Henceforth if by seven months your child is not completely sitting freely and there is nothing amiss with them, you can proceed with the edge play. You don’t have to surge the infant as you would imperil their prosperity.

Six to Ten months old baby

In six to ten months you baby is enough matured. She can overcome his balance indecently. In this age you can use exersaucer for your baby without any confusion. But be sure your baby gets balance. The exersaucer can at the end of the day be of assistance to both you and your infant. Once your infant can stand mid-section high particularly with the support of different things like the table or different bits of furniture, you can then bring their involvement with the exersaucer to the following level. Keep in mind before they could sit all alone you would sit with them at the edge of the exersaucer and help them play with the disconnected toys? Since they can stand, you help them remain at the edge of the exersaucer as the play with the toys. The diversion gave by the toys permits them to stand longer and assemble their stamina as they increase other imperative lessons.Find more baby product advice and reviews from onlykidszone.com


You can do this for a few minutes on end. The objective is to ensure that the child builds up the engine aptitudes that they can later utilize when they’re in the exersaucer and you being there will keep them from toppling over and hitting the ground.

Final Verdict

After read this whole post you’re all question and confusion will be clear. Hope you get a total idea about exersaucer age recommendation. If you have any doubt please take with a baby specialist. Please remember that don’t put your baby in exersaucer more than 20-25 minutes. Hope now you can buy best exersaucer for your cute baby.

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