Always spending time on TV show look boring and you must be regretting for your time one day. Surely you are searching something being active like cycling!

Yes! To be healthy you require to do some exercise and for Exercise best hybrid mountain bike is the best option for everyone. Oh! Best options for people who are looking to cut their weight as well.

It is firmly useful to burn calories. You just think to do it but you do not have bike yet also you are not sure which bike will to buy being bested for. Right?

If yes! Then I am writing for you to help choosing best cheap mountain bike for buying.

I have noticed that person are struggling to get effective tips and tricks before buy mountain bike and that why I am going to share with some very effective tips to solve that problem.

Those people have small budget and looking to get a descent bike then must read below tips.

Set your Goal according to budget

Actually when you feel that you need a mountain bike and you are looking some quality bike within your budget then these tips are for you. Please keep below steps in your mind before buy mountain bikes.

  Decide which features you will need in your bike

  Set buying budget

  Choose your brand and check price

  Imagine where you going to use your bike

  Check bike weight and height

  Check adjust ability of bike in different kinds of road etc.

If your bike budget is around $300-1000 then you may check some reviews by budget.

Justify in local market before buy mountain bike

This is very common work before buy mountain bike to check different local shop and get in touch with different design and features. Local shop is very effective to provide some exact idea on differ brand.  There is nothing good more than check bike in shop. We might check the feature in online shop but still we love to see them by touching before buy them.

Why you would need to check it in shop. For instance, do think online dating is same to the real dating?


You never know where your dream mountain is stored!

Don’t lose confidence even if you are clueless

Every biker wants to a buy mountain bike which is fully building and it is very good practice to have full fit bike if your budget is okay with that. It cans protect you from damaging guesswork and scratching.

Most of the people like mix and components which suit according to budget. Bike shop sale man can help you to choose best fit component for your bike and that why earlier I suggested visiting LBS.

Never forget to take one of your friends who have some experienced on biking when you visit a shop so that he/she can give a instant feedback.

If your budget is around $300-400 then you may consider following bikes because these are durable and have some very good features.

  • Merax Finiss
  • Mongoose Mech
  • Roadmaster Granite

Double check frame Size

Sometimes we do not know which bike is well fit for us and that why we need to check it and I strongly suggest that never buy mountain bike until be sure of frame size.

Remove doubt by asking question

Ask question is a great habit for every section of people. When you buy mountain bike it is important to keep your bike fit and fast. For doing that you need to keep ask some question to mechanic and also don’t forget to check out the tools of your bike. This can keep your fast and best.

Immediately test bike after gather

Every time we look to bike and it would be good but we have to test it by riding few time on road. Every an expert bike mechanics could miss few point to adjust on bike. Now what are the important points that you should test on that moment:

These are:

  Test shifter

  Fork test

Enjoy Biking

Already you have analysis lot of factors and now you are best fit to buy your mountain bike. After all these steps you would feel great with your bike but you might feel few problem in first couple days with your bike and you would prefer to use some advanced components. Also you may cut down trips to save up the Starbucks.

Good luck!