If you have ever tried working with a supplier or drop shipping, then you know how managing your inventory can be frustrating. You will get disgruntled customers when a given product is out of stock. You might also end up getting angry calls when your products aren’t delivered on time.

Even though drop shipping is a profitable and rewarding business strategy, getting that darn inventory into your shop can consume some of your valuable time. However, Oberlo company is poised to change all that with the Oberlo Dropshipping App.

What Is Oberlo?

Oberlo is an application that works with AliExpress (mega-website that sells its products at very low prices) and the Shopify platform. The app allows people to import a wide range of products from AliExpress into their existing Shopify store.

The Oberlo dropshipping app is designed to connect your online stores to AliExpress thus making it easier and quicker to sell the products found there. You’ll find Oberlo in Shopify App Store, or get Chrome extension from the Chrome store.

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping refers to a business type that’s executed just like a chain management business. The people who are in drop shipping business don’t have to keep goods in stock in an advance. Instead, what they usually do is after receiving an order, they will transfer the order along with its shipping details to a wholesaler or third party manufacturer, who then ships the products directly to the customers and executes the entire process from then. In the end, you’ll receive a significant amount of commissions over the goods sold from your website. Read more about What Is Drop Shipping?


Setting Up Oberlo With Shopify

Oberlo App is specially designed for Shopify. As such, you must have a functional Shopify account. To setup Oberlo app with Shopify, you’ll have to sign up for it which can be done in 2 ways. Firstly, you can sign up through the official Oberlo website. Secondly, you can do it via the Shopify’s app marketplace where the Oberlo dropshipping app is listed.

Next, you’ll have on click the installation link that’s present over the Shopify store. The Oberlo application will be installed just like the other Shopify applications. Once it’s installed and you’ve activated your plan, Oberlo app will be available for use on your site.

The Benefits Of Oberlo App

Oberlo app is capable of doing nearly everything automatically. With the aid of this dropshipping app, you can easily update all your business needs such as synchronizing and importing of products, inventory management, pricing management and order fulfilling. In addition to this, you can also easily track shipments of your clients, track your sales and also connect yourself with your existing products. The app also allows you to change the supplier of your products. Everything will be sorted out easily using Oberlo. Oberlo currently has close to 1000 positive customer reviews on the Shopify website thus proving its effectiveness.

Automated Order Fulfillment

This is one of the most important aspects of the Oberlo platform, as it makes dropshipping what it ought to be: Super Easy. Once an order has been placed through your online stores, all that you have to do is locating that product in the inventory and then hit the Order Product button.’ In addition, you can add some products into your cart, even if the products are coming from different suppliers.

A Beautiful Interface To Manage Products

Similar to WordPress configuration, the Oberlo’s dashboard has a very clean menu for completing a wide range of tasks. For instance, you can search for products, set your own featured products, view your products or import lists. Each of the products in your store will be organized in a reasonable manner, with information about the earnings and sales for each one.

Oberlo Support

Since it’s not a full ecommerce platform, Oberlo company treats its support seriously. For instance, there’s a full blog that provides information on strategies, inspiration and updates. You can also subscribe to email newsletter for news, or check information on social media platforms.

Pricing Of Oberlo

The pricing this dropshipping app is very reasonable. They offer their customers with 3 different plans: Starter plan, Basic plan and Professional plan.

The Starter plan is FREE. With the starter plan, you’ll get a chance to add up to 500 products. You can also execute a maximum 50 orders every month. The Basic plan costs $29.90 per month. With this plan, you’ll get to add up to 10000 products to your website. You will also get a chance to execute 500 orders every month. The Professional plan costs $79.90 per month. With the Professional plan, you’ll add up to 30000 products and get a chance to execute unlimited orders monthly.

Final Verdict

Drop shipping business is increasingly becoming popular day by day and the Oberlo dropshipping app will certainly help you if you want to work with AliExpress to make some extra dollars. Oberlo app will allow you to easily import the dropshipped products directly to your ecommerce store and then ship them directly to your clients; all in a few clicks.

If you wish to step in the dropshipping business, then this amazing Oberlo app will certainly help you on your way to success.