Trolling Motor Batteries are basic part of the electrical system of a Marine boat. They are essential for storing energy during the loading phase and allows autonomy when the charging source (trolling motor) is not working.

Different types of trolling motor batteries

Acid batteries

The batteries have been used commonly in boats have been acid. They are also the most common automotive batteries. These batteries have traditionally needed maintenance, filling with distilled water when the electrolyte level was low. Currently, most acid batteries, are maintenance, and need not fill them, however present some significant contraindications. For example, not a watered-deep discharges too well, so they are not too appropriate in situations where they spend long periods without charge. They also have a relatively high self-discharge, which over long periods of inactivity or winterizing the boat, you can download deeply and ruin the battery. Electrolyte leakage and contact with water is highly toxic and can cause major problems if the situation is not optimal battery. In contrast, these batteries are the most economical.

AGM batteries

For some time, GEL batteries and AGM batteries in particular have penetrated the market nautical force. There are many advantages. For example, the electrolyte is not spilled as it is not liquid if ungelled. Inclinations and movement support it better. They are completely sealed so they are safer and do not emit toxic gases. Allow many more charge and discharge cycles, have self-discharge lower than acid batteries and are more tolerant of deep discharges. Therefore, it makes the AGM batteries are more suitable for marine boats and therefore are the most chosen option today. By contrast, the price is slightly higher than the acid, but are taking each day a more reasonable price.

Features of trolling motor battery


The capacity of a battery is measured in ampere hours and gives us an idea of the current that is able to give per unit time. 150 Ah battery in one hour will 150A or 75 A for 2 hours. The reality is that the more power they have to give, the less time is able to provide it due to self-heating of the battery.

Inrush current

The inrush current is important to know. It gives us an idea of the maximum current that is able to give and it will be important to move equipment that require high current peaks such as bow molienetes starter motors.


The self-discharge, will not indicate the percentage of battery capacity that is discharged at a given time. This is important in long periods down and you have to prevent this effect causes deep discharge of the batteries.

Charge / discharge

The charge and discharge cycles indicate us for a certain percentage charge / discharge, the number of cycles the battery is able to assume without substantially decreasing its capacity.

Care of trolling motor batteries on boats

Where we place them?

It is important to choose a good location for the batteries. Generally, if the acid should be avoided placing them inside the cabin. Bind them is also important to prevent tipping or moved during hiking and is convenient put them in boxes to protect them. Avoid shock and are in flood-prone areas.

How to download the trolling motor battery?

The trolling motor battery life is directly dependent on the depth of discharge cycles. The deeper the discharge, will have less life. Thus, we can say that if a battery can deliver 1500 cycles if the discharge is 15%, can offer only 180 cycles if the discharge is 40% (data depends on the technology and manufacturing batteries. They are guidance data)

Charge the batteries slowly

The current that must charge a battery depends on the capacity of the same, although as a general rule, should not be loaded with large currents as it can be harmful

Use quality chargers

Battery chargers we use, or charge controllers solar panels or wind generators must be quality 3 or 4 stages, which remain floating battery when fully charged. A load and therefore, a good charger, extend the life of the battery significantly.

Use quality batteries

There are lot of trolling motor batteries in different types and different qualities. A battery quality ultimately saves. They last longer, have better features and give us greater security and comfort as the base support of a trolling motor on a boat.

Batteries at the same bank

If we have a battery bank for auxiliary systems and other battery bank for engine starting, we can use different batteries on both banks if they are adequately insulated, but should use the same battery type, capacity and seniority within the same bank. This will make loading and unloading uniform because their internal resistances are identical and no self-discharge or problems arising from imbalances in the battery banks will occur.

So if you expect better result for trolling motor battery then you should apply these info and data. Proper utilizing of power gave you pleaser experience of boating. If you want to learn more details of trolling power then you can visit this site. It help you to learn updated information of all kinds’ marine batteries and boat accessories.