Trick Tips For Longboard Riders



So you’re bored of simply cruising around on your longboard, right? Actually, every one of us wants to do cool tricks on our longboard after learning the basic riding skill. If you’re willing to learn longboarding tricks to get much more thrill, then this article is for you to warm yourself up. Yes, you can learn the basic things of longboarding tricks from this article.

Wait!!! Wear your safety gears before start reading, because you can’t wait to go on the street to start practicing.

What is Longboard?

From a basic view, we can say that longboard is a sort of sports equipment which is a different version of skateboard. Longboards are much more longer in size with there bigger sized wheel & deck, and they are obviously faster than traditional skateboards.

Longboards are suited for downhill racing, cruising, long distance racing, sliding, and of course it can do the transportation thing as well. For cruising in a high traffic area, electric scooter is best. You can check Ecoreco m5 review as best scooter.

Types of Longboard and the one to choose

There are different types of longboards, some of them are: Pintails, Cruiser, Blunt, Fishtail, and Cut Out. For doing tricks, Cut Out Longboards will be better. Cut out Longboards has the best wheels structure than the others. Moreover, these boards are unidirectional, hence easy to switch for rides.

Cut out Longboards have reduced heights, hence better stability at higher speed. These boards are best for freestyle, downhill and freeride riding due to their better inbuilt structure.

How To Learn Longboarding Tricks?

Before you start training for longboard tricks, you have to learn basic riding and understand the principles of longboarding carefully. Once you master the basics, it is time for you to move on to the next level. In order to learn longboard tricks, you have to be hardworking and patient. Don’t forget to buy a good longboard and the best equipment. You can choose best longboard brands- Jaseboards. For more information, you can check Jaseboards review.

Keep practicing again-and-again to be perfect. Your hard work will pay off, and your tricks will make you look cooler than ever. Some of the basic tricks are listed below.

Now you have to know about types of tricks that you can perform with longboards. There are different types of tricks invented already. Some of them are categorized below.

Dance tricks:

. Cross step

. Peter Pan

.Ghost Ride


. No comply 180

. Heelside standup 180

. Hillside sitdown 180

. Heelside sitdown grab


. Ghostride shove-it

. Cassanova

. Cross step to shove-it


. Ghost ride kick-flip

. Boneless 180

. Tiger claw

. Old school kickflip

Remember that:

It’s not easy to learn all the tricks in a short time, but the tricks that are described below will help you master the basics of longboarding tricks. With hard work and dedication, you will be able to learn all of them, and even more that you may be able to invent a new trick by yourself.

Few More Facts About Longboard

The record for longest distance traveled on longboard is set by Rob Thomas of New Zealand, he traveled 12, 159 km. And the highest speed record was set by Mischo Urban in 2012 when he reached a speed of 129.94 km/h.

Final note with Caution : Longboarding is a risky ride, so you have to be aware of safety precaution. There is also a risk of hurting yourself anytime during practicing tricks; so protection is mandatory. For protection and safety, riders usually wear helmet, goggles, and gloves. But some more safeguards are necessary such as extra leathers, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guard, and padded shorts. Don’t injure yourself while having too much fun, always be alert and look for yourself. Keep enjoying and have fun.

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