How many times you’ve realized that motivation is the life-blood of sports? However, first of all, let’s get motivated with the immortal quote of Brian Judski-


If you practice with emotion and a purpose, you’ll play with passion and confidence


You must know that basketball is a team sport played by two teams and 5 players in each team and the objective of playing is to shoot a ball through the opponent’s rim and thus making points. Here, the amazing fact is that top 5 basketball skills lead the players to make points. Yes, it seems to me amazing because, there are 5 players in each team, there are 5 letters in the word SKILL and even you need to have 5 skills to make points.


5 Basketball Skills at a Glance:


  1. Dribbling
  2. Shooting
  3. Running
  4. Passing &
  5. Jumping


You’ve to achieve these skills if you want to play basketball and there is no other way but improving these skills if you want to dominate the basketball court. Players maybe excelled in one/two or more skills than others, but it is undoubtedly better to have at least some ability in all these skills to support the team strongly.



In cricket, 4s and 6s entertain the fans most and in basketball, dribbling is the most impressive skill. Moreover, dribbling is the best way to pass the defenders legally and create better chances to score. Dribbling is actually maneuvering of the ball by a single player while moving towards the chosen direction. An expert player can dribble the ball in many ways.


The most common dribblings are high dribble and low dribble. Usually a high dribble is performed when there’s no opponent players too nearby to steal the ball. You know, this is the most easiest dribble which everyone and even a 5 years old kid can do. And the low dribble is a little difficult to perform. In this dribble, you’ve to pass the defenders keeping the ball as low as possible to the floor. This dribbling decreases the area between the hand and the floor and thus makes it more difficult for the defenders to snatch the ball.


If you’re a big fan of Basketball like me and enjoy most of the NBA and WNBA matches regularly, you then also might have noticed the following dribbling techniques which really entertain the spectators to the fullest.


Basic Dribbling Technique:


Haha, you know this technique very well. Amn’t I right? This is a dribble that every player knows. Average dribblers dribble with their palm. But, you should dribble with your fingertips if you wanna be a great dribbler. There are some immensely important things to follow to have this dribble well executed. You must know that while dribbling, you’ve to keep your knees bent and to let the ball bounce very well and also to get full control over the ball you also have to bounce the ball with your fingertips.


It may seem a little hard at first, but, if you keep practicing, soon it’ll be as easy as drinking a cup of cold coffee. And about your head, always keep it up while dribbling. This will help you to see the court and the position of the opponents more clearly and you won’t have the ball stolen by your rivals that easily. If you can perform this basic dribble perfectly, then all other advanced dribbles won’t be so hard to you.


Between-the-Legs Dribble:


This dribble is an amazing trick to impress the crowd. Moreover it is very effective to keep the ball out of your opponent’s reach. Between the legs dribble is actually the stylish variation of the crossover and it is a very powerful weapon to wipe out the extreme pressure of the defenders. Every player of a team should be able to perform this move but it is a must have skill for the point guard.


In this amazing dribble, players use their body as an invulnerable shield against the motility of the opposite players allowing themselves to change both their direction and speed with the certainty of protecting the ball. To get control over the half-court situation, the effectiveness of this striking dribble is second to none. Watch this video on YouTube to subjugate this move.



Crossover Dribble Technique:


This is a widely used common move to get past the defenders. But, this common move become deadly to your defenders if you can perform this perfectly. Even this easy move is enough to make your defenders off balance if you’re an expert in performing this dribble. I always try to follow the crossover tricks of Jamal Crawford, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson as they are the superstar in executing this dribble. Among these superstars, Allen Iverson is now known as one of the most deadliest ball handlers.


This dribble even can change the game but, nothing will happen if you can’t redact the move effectively. So, it is very important to get a good hand on this move if you want to contribute to your team. You know, the crossover dribble is much more harder than it seems. While performing this dribble, you could make yourself fall if you’re not careful enough and the opponent will easily snitch the ball from you. To be an amazing crossover dribbler, first of all, you’ve to be able to handle the ball with both of your hands. It takes practice, repetition and patience for every novice basketball player to develop this crowd hunting technique.


Spin Dribble Technique:


Another interesting dribble technique. Maybe you’ve seen in any pro basketball matches that a player suddenly start dribbling with the right hand and spin around to get past a defender. Having successfully accomplished the spin, the dribbler transfer the ball to the left hand to keep it as far from the defender as possible. This technique is known as spin dribble as the player spin around to save the ball. To perform this technique at your best, you’ve to keep your head up while spinning.


Behind the Back Dribble Technique:


This dribble may seem to be about to impossible to you if you’re a novice in the basketball court. Most of the new basketball players fail to perform this dribble successfully because this technique requires a bit of skill to execute the ball nicely. This is the advanced form of crossover dribble technique. In this dribble, you’ve to pass the ball from one hand to other hand behind your back. A lots of practice is needed to get a good control over this dribble. Out of these 5 techniques there are some other effective dribbles to pass the defenders. Keep watching the NBA matches to enjoy those dribbles.



After passing all the defenders, now it comes to shoot the ball. If you fail to shoot the ball perfectly,  you won’t be able to make big points. So, shooting is another important skill. But, there is no universal way to learn how to shoot the ball perfectly. You’ll get different ways to shoot the ball and score some points.


Each player has their own unique style to throw the ball through the rim. To be more accurate, actually no two are exactly alike. However, there are some basic rules to improve your shooting skill. The first thing to be a successful shooter is that you’ve to take it as a fun and practice it hours after hours. If you fail to take it as a fun, then you won’t be able to practice it for long time with intense eagerness.


Setting up your feet, start shooting with 2 hands, gradually begin shooting with one hand these are the primary stages to learn shooting. The most critical point of shooting is the release point. If you just release your ball just before or even after only a couple of nanoseconds, your ball won’t go through the basketball rim. So, utilizing the exact release point is the key to become a successful shooter.


Though, every superstar players have come up with their own amazing types of excellent shots, there are four common shots which can be seen widely in any basketball tournaments. These widely executed shots are the jump shot, the layup shot, the slam dunk and the hook shot.


Jump Shot:


Jump shot is an endeavor to score points by jumping. It is thought to be the most easiest shot to shoot from a considerable distance. The aim of this shot is to release the ball towards the rim possibly from the highest position to make it nearly impossible for the defenders to distract the ball. It is the most effective way to score points but also can easily be difficult if there’s a taller defender in front of you. So, be careful of the defenders while making this shot.


The Layup Shot:


Though, you’ve to jump to make this shot, the lay-up shot is distinguished from the Jump Shot by the motion and one-handed reach to the basket. It’s basically a 2 point shot effort tried by leaping from below the basket and throw the ball up using one hand to bounce it off the backboard and enter into the net. Most of the time, the ball even don’t touch the backboard to make points from this shot. This shot is one of the most basic shots in basketball.


The Slam Dunk:


The slam dunk is the most popular shot in the basketball which is also known as the dunk shot. This is the most efficient shot to score points. Moreover, slam dunk is the leading shot to enchant the crowd. It is so workable to please the crowd that it has been showcased in slam dunk contests. To perform this alluring shot, a dunker jumps high in the air, get full control over the ball and make points by dunking the ball straight away through the rim with one or both hands. A successful dunk shot earns 2 points for the team.


The Hook Shot:


The hook shot is another efficient shot to score points and also to entertain the spectators. This shot is made with only one hand and the other hand is used to attain some space between the shooter and the shooting guards. The specialty of this shot is that it is quite difficult to block this shot for the average defenders. There are two types of hook shot. These are Skyhook and Jump Hook. Among these two, jump hook is more popular form of hook shot and has been executed thousands of times by hundreds of players including my favorite shooter Dwight Howard.



You know, basketball players are not supposed to participate in the marathon, but, running is an inseparable part of basketball. Just like the football, basketball is also full with offense and defense. In a full court game, all the players have to run after the opponents to block them from scoring points. Moreover, they also have to run fast to create enough scope to dunk the ball or at least to shoot from the distance.


When the ball is at your hand, running is the only way for you to pass the defenders and to create enough space to shoot the ball perfectly. And when it comes to defend the opponent players, you’ve to run faster to create an inviolable block before them. Court speed is a must to lead your team to win the game and without running, it’s completely impossible to improve your speed.


Speed trainings will help you to run fast in the court. Accelerating from a side-shuffle, turning and sprinting from a backpedal or running after getting up from the floor; these are some common speed trainings to improve your running skill. Leg stretching, short stepping and jump rope also will help you to run for longer time on the basketball court. You’ve to run fast but, you’ll have plenty of intervals between your each running. So, don’t worry and start improving your running.



Passing plays a big role to make you a valuable and most preferred player for your team. Every megastar players are highly skilled in passing. This is such a skill that can make you a complete basketball player. Players may have lacking in dunking, they may not have the perfect skill to shoot from the long distance, but if they have the skill to pass the ball to the right person, then other shortcomings become omitted because of the highness of passing.


Actually basketball is a team sport. So, in this sport, it is very important to find out a teammate who is open to make a better shot instead of trying to shoot all the time. That’s why the ability to pass the ball to the appropriate teammate can make the difference between making points and not scoring any points from an achieved scope. It’s like missing a catch in cricket.

Body position, footwork, throwing, ball handling; all of these primary skills become so important to make a successful pass. To get full control of the ball to pass it skillfully, you can use both of your hands. Moreover, it’ll be better if your hands can follow the direction of the ball and if you can step into your pass. These are the secrets of making successful pass. Among various forms of pass, you should at least have the ability to make hook pass, javelin pass, window pass, chest pass, flick pass and bounce pass. These passing skills surely will improve your image in your team.



In the professional basketball matches, the goal rim of a basketball goal system is set at the height of 10 feet. But, the player’s height is about to 6 feet or a little high or even a bit less. So, I think, you can now imagine the importance of jumping in Basketball. It may be startling for the comparatively short players that jumping is a major skill in playing basketball that can destine how excellent a player is.


Jumping is needed in making slam dunk, it is a must in scoring points from jump shot, it plays a great role in creating impregnable blocks. Even, jumping is needed in receiving the ball from a nice pass. Another important thing of jumping is that being able to out jump your opponents will make you another deadly defender which definitely will be a plus for your team.


So, you’ve to improve your jumping skill. This skill can fulfill your dream of winning the slam dunk contest. Knee to feet jumps, depth jumps, bulgarian split squats and high jump rope will improve your jumping skill. Another important fact to improve your jumping skill is that there are some trigger points everywhere in your body. These unwanted points deter the natural growth and length of your muscle tissue and thus these detrimental points make your muscle tissue shorter and weaker which hamper your jumping ability. Regular muscle stretching, using foam roller and swimming can help you to get rid of these bad points.


These are the 5 most essential skills to make you a pro basketball player. There are lots of drills to improve these skills. Following exercises of a senior basketball player, listen to the basketball coach or even watching YouTube videos can help you to practice and improve these drills. Someday, I’ll also talk about those drills. No more today. Have fun and enjoy playing basketball. Hope you’ll be the best into your team.