Things you should know before you start mountain biking
Congrats!!! Finally, you’ve decided to start mountain biking. So buy a mountain bike asap and start rocking on the mountain.
Hey, wait a minute! Do you know where to start? If you are a beginner mountain biker, then I think you don’t have enough idea about it. So, stop for a while and know about all thing youshould know before buying the best entry level mountain bike for you.

• Just start biking without worrying about the bike too much

Most people think that the bike will make them a faster, better, and a more skillful biker. But, it’s not entirelytrue if you’re thinking so. A high-performance bike is helpful for better performance, but mountain biking mostly depends on skill. So save a little money for training instead of spending the full amount on the bike.

• Try to join with bikers who are better than you

A skilled and experienced mountain biker can be your mentor to become an expert rider. They will help you to do things that you thought un-doable before. You can learn quickly by observing their stance, lines, and how they bike on the trails.
• Don’t mess with the safety gears
There is pretty much fun in mountain biking, but it is very risky too. A little mistake is enough to ruin your life. So don’t forget to buy the safety gears especially the helmet and eyeglasses to stay away from unwanted injuries.
• Ride everywhere
Don’t go to the mountains for the first time if you are an absolute beginner. Try to gain a little skill by riding on the skateparks, ski resorts, and other public properties. You’ll understand if I explain to you why? If you fall offyour bike and get injured, then there are many people in a public place to help you. But you won’t get this facility if you are in a mountain or a forest trail. And, always try to go with a couple of bikers no matter what you are a beginner or pro rider.
• Keep your pedals level
Nobody wants to hug the ground so keep your pedals level while biking. Your bike pedal will easily catch a rock or a root if you ride with one leg down. If you do so, you’ll definitely get a hard crash that you will never forget.

• Don’t stare at the trees or something you don’t want to hit

Don’t stare at anything that you’re not going to hit or cross. It’s good to notice things around you, but stay focused on the trail in front of you. Our body follows our head so don’t stare at any unnecessary thing that you are not going to deal with.

• Know your limits

Bad things happen when people go over their confidence. If you are a beginner and try to cross a large slope that you can’t handle, you will definitely find yourself on the ground. So, only do things that you know you can do.Don’t go aggressive or try any hard tricks without learning it.

• Don’t get afraid of falling

A little fear is not that bad, but much fear is worse than nothing. You will definitely fall if you think too much about falling. So concentrate on your ride so you can enjoy it.

• Choose the perfect fit

While buying a bike, make sure it is the right size for you. You won’t be able to get a comfortable ride if you are unable to grab the handle or pull the paddle comfortably. And you won’t be able to buy another bike whenever you want.

• Stay relaxed

Make sure to keep your upper body loose while climbing. Never lock your elbows and keep your fingers loose on the handlebars. You can’t control the bike if you can’t control your body.

• Follow the rules of the trail

IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) developed the “Rules of the Trail” for mountain bikers to ensure safe biking for all riders. Make sure to follow the rules every time you go for biking. Check out the rules if you don’t know them.

Ending Note

Finally, don’t forget to carry a spare tube, tire lever, multi-tool, and a bottle full of water if you like to dive deep of the forest or mountain. You’ll have to suffer a lot if any of your tires get punctured inside the deep forest.