A best recumbent bike offers an easier workout than other cardio equipment, like a treadmill or upright bike. As a result of you sit back during a semi-reclined position, some users feel that a recumbent bike does not offer an intense, effective physical exercise. However you’ll be able to get an efficient workout on a recumbent bike using interval training.


Interval training

Interval training is a short, intense kind of cardio exercise. You alternate intense bouts of an activity with less-intense sequences. As an example, you could sprint for a period of your time and alternate this with jogging or walking. You’ll be able to adapt most cardio activities, as well as recumbent cycling, to an interval exercise. Increase the pedal resistance or pedal speed for the intense segments and lower these variables for recovery.


Time Intervals

The set time for every interval can vary. You’ll be able to select a matched interval, or if you’re a beginner, try a 2-to-1 ratio — set up your recovery amount to be double as long as your intense period. If you’re new interval training, do your intense activity for thirty seconds and recover for one minute. As you become a lot of advanced, increase your exhausting segments to 1 minute, however keep your recovery period at one minute similarly.


The workout

Start with a five-minute warm-up. Increase the pedal resistance and speed, and total at ninety-five percent of your maximum intensity for thirty seconds. Lower the pedal resistance and speed for a 30-second recovery interval. Alternate between these 2 intensities for a complete of 20 minutes. End with a five-minute cooldown. Experiment with totally different interval times for selection. Some recumbent bikes have built-in workout interval programs that automatically change the pedal resistance and prompt you to speed up or slow down your pedaling.More information best recumbent exercise bike


Bottom Line

A study revealed within the “Journal of Applied Physiology” tested the fat-burning capabilities of interval workouts. Eight ladies, each active and sedentary, rode a stationary bike for 40 minutes – 4 minutes of intense exercise followed by 2-minute rest intervals. All the women/ladies experienced an increase in the quantity of fat their body burned after the workout. Though interval training can assist you burn additional fat, you cannot reduce without a correct nutrition set up in conjunction together with your workouts.