It outsourcing sector has made a remarkable progress in the last decades with the development of technology and with the ease and increase use of IT services throughout the world. This is often considered as a business tool with the increasing demand and practice of this throughout.  As the name suggests, it outsourcing is to contract a part of the business process, activities or services to the third party for more effective and efficient output.

IT Outsourcing! How does it help?

The most notable and easily explainable reason for outsourcing any task by businesses is to save operating cost. Other benefit includes such as saving time and effort by hiring professionals get quality output thus, improving the productivity of the firm by focusing more on the important core tasks. Adapting outsourcing process helps to convert the fixed cost in variable cost and helps to improve satisfaction level for both customers and in- house employees. Keeping both employees and customers happy means increasing the profit margin of the business and smooth long term running of the business.

Common issues in IT outsourcing.

Communication is considered to be the biggest barrier when outsourcing to an offshore outsourcing firm. Other drawback includes such as exposure to confidential data exposure, in some cases loss of direct control over the task/ project. Nevertheless, outsourcing can benefit amazingly when done right. Its pros outweigh the cons.


Whenever considering IT outsourcing few points should be kept in mind. Proper analysis and compare measure how much the business can save through outsourcing. Managing the relationship is a vital factor in outsourcing. Thus care should be taken and the outsourcing agent should be treated as a part of the family to get the maximum quality outputs. In case of failure, Business should be fully prepared to deal with the unexpected and barriers.

Moreover, keep in mind that failure will cause loss for both parties therefore ensure that proper and clear instructions are given for the required task at the start. Outsourcing is not all about saving cost; stress should be put on the benefit rather than cost reduction.

Steps to success in IT outsourcing

Let us now look at some of the steps to successfully outsource IT functions.

Firstly, the business must identify purpose and define the goal. These will include such as what function can be outsources to profit the business and enjoys all the above mentioned benefits. Identify areas where the business specializes and the areas where it lacks skills. For example, a firm may be highly skilled in designing however may lack skills on SEO or other marketing field. For such cases outsourcing the task will be better option than hiring an SEO expert.

Secondly, business can post the job/task online at freelancing sites or for better quality results seek out appropriate candidate or company. It should be noted that outsourcing firms are most likely to provide better quality result than individuals. As they are equipped with better specialized IT equipment and are sometimes cheaper than individual freelancer.  The firm can also be held liable if something goes wrong.  The outsourcing agency will also have readily trained worker with experience in the field.

Thirdly, while choosing the entity make proper enquiry about skill set, experience and collect all the relevant details. Interview and state the objective and requirement with clarity. Seek out the best from the options and then form the contract to get the best quality output.

Moving on, use trail option if applicable. This will help both the third party and business to understand the standard of the work and help avoid disaster.  Follow up on the work, best is to assign an employee to manage the outsourcing task to ensure that the required work standard is met. Always make an effort to organize and train them along with the in-house employees. Lastly and most importantly, always keep in touch with them when an excellent work is done even if the project is over as you may never know when you might need them again.