Always learning from the mistake is a great habit and everybody has to learn from mistake to avoid big damage. To get perfect bike riding advantage obviously we have to keep learning.Very often we make some mistake in bleeding mountain bike brakes and it has some simple steps to do rightly. Some people are found that it is difficult to do that process!

Nevertheless no worries anymore here I picked some problem that you guys are facing and also I will give a proper guideline to maintain your brakes rightly.

Well! If you discover that first time you are facing, bleeding problem then here I am going to give you some trick to recover this alarming problem.

After all, everybody can make mistakes, right?

Here are the mistakes that we do!

Miss use of mountain bike brakes fluid

Brake Fluid is used in hydraulic brake and it is very good to save someone from big injury. It is most common mistake people do while riding the mountain bike. Nowadays we aware about two type of brake Fluid such as mineral oil as well as dot fluid. However, which option is the best for us is not up to, we need to make sure that right design you are using in your brake.

Applying wrong fluid can cause following problems:

  • Often change brake causes less responsive and sluggish
  • Internal seals can be damaged
  • Separation problems

Now we need to know how to solve this problem. Right!

Let’s see below:

When you start using brake fluid has to be sure what kind of brakes bleed, requires for your bike. Just this cautious can be able to ensure the right use of fluid.

Contamination of brake pads

I have been facing this problem in my bike as well. When it occurs I feel little crap and I have emerged that problem was the use of fluid in the pads. Some people are willing to cap it far but it is also a mistake!

How to recover from this problem

This alarming problem can be avoided easily by removing the brake pads and the wheel before starting the flushing operation.

By disassembling the wheels and brake pads and using a block instead of a flushing. Their pills brake fluid just not only holds without destroying brake also be avoided when the braking system is filled with liquid brake.

Use brake fluid of an old container

Although the brake fluid use as having the wrong kind of brake fluid is not so bad, it is most useful either.

Dot, in contrast to mineral oil is hygroscopic which means it observes water from nature. Even at normal atmosphere pressure. These are a problem for following two reasons:

#1.Any kind of moisture will decline the boiling point of the brake fluid. By this fluid also affect the performance of the braking.

#2. The water contents can eventually leave corrosion to the inner brakes when left for prolonged periods.

Learn How to avoid:

Holding several smaller bottles is much better to buy a large bowl and keep it for several years. The liquid in the larger container begins to worsen after opening for the first time, so you need several smaller containers you must be able to open, knowing that the liquid has cooled down.

Over tightening fittings and Adaptors

While you are tightening any things you have to be careful because over tightening can be damaged that parts or products what you use. When it comes about mountain bikes fittings then it becomes more crucial for the rider to make everything suitable.

In bicycle tight seal always is light and small rubber O-ring, you can’t imagine how easily it could be damaged. As a result of extreme tightening, folks are struggling to get into good shape in bleeding brakes.


When some use fittings must tighten until finger tight and we should not use different tools.

If you still feel not comfortable to achieve seal then just untighten your fittings and hopefully, this problem will not be either.

Extreme-filling the Brake System

Never go by not setting the brake position otherwise, sometimes you could face some problem because of over filling in the brake.

When part worn brake pads use in suit these problems could happen. Brake pads close to the rotor resulting in a permanently can causes this problem.

Sometimes over filings system can force to change the mountain bikes brake pads which are almost impossible. Few more extra fluids in the brake could protect pistons to reset comfortable position.

Final word

I have pointed out the top and most common mistake that we do often while bleeding mountain bike brakes. So what about you?

Have you ever face these problems and let me know if you face any other problem and I waiting to hear from you and also suggest if I can make my writing more useful for you. Thanks

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