Rangefinders to take the guesswork out of calculating the distance between two points. Reflection rangefinders calculate the distance by bouncing a laser beam, sound waves or radio waves on a reflective surface. They are often accurate to within one meter, depending on the distance. Laser rangefinders are the most common of the reflective rangefinders. Optical rangefinders use an eyepiece and a mirror to measure distances with an accuracy within 5 to 10 meters. Rangefinders use GPS global satellite navigation system to determine the location of the points requires less than 1 inch. Determine the main use for which you need a rangefinder. Some applications require precise accuracy, while others allow a margin of error in calculating distances. It is good review of A Good Laser Golf Rangefinder.

An optical rangefinder is useful to estimate the distance – and determination of the lens is necessary – when an individual focuses on photography. Optical rangefinders are less expensive than the reflective and GPS rangefinders. No specific measures are needed. Select a laser or other reflective rangefinder to calculate the range of a shot in golf and hunting. These rangefinders are accurate to within 500-a-600 yards. They provide accurate within a yard, while a surface reflects well from that distance. Buy a precise and GPS rangefinder for applications such as land surveying. Review the capabilities of each range finder scope you are considering. Some rangefinders are only capable of measuring short distances and require the object to be a minimum distance away. Other rangefinders can measure short and long distances with ease. Determine the type of additional features that are needed. These include adjusting the slope, measuring the degree of vertical tilt, keeping score and accounting obstacles and design features like camouflage. Some rangefinders are specially made for use on golf courses. Others are specially designed for applications hunting.

Things to consider when you are going to buy a rangefinder

Here is some fact that you need to consider before buying the best golf rangefinder:


Accuracy is the main thing why we use rangefinders. Isn’t it? So first of all, you need to check the accuracy of that rangefinder. Most of the laser rangefinder can measure up to 5-100 yards. Some of the rangefinders can even measure up to 1500 yards. Most of them also have an accuracy of  +/- 1 yard. So it is necessary to have a look at their accuracy. It does not matter where you are going to use the rangefinder. I mean for hunting or golf.


That is another annoying thing that happens on the courses. The battery is the important element of the rangefinder. So it is necessary to choose a rangefinder that has the durable battery. There is two kind battery that has been used in the rangefinders. Some of the rangefinders use rechargeable batteries, but most of the rangefinder use non-rechargeable batteries. I prefer to have rechargeable batteries.


You need to also check if the rangefinder is waterproof. Because unless you have a waterproof rangefinder, you will not able to use the rangefinder during the rainy season.

Ease of use

What will happen if you buy a rangefinder and don’t even know how to operate it? It will be terrible, huh? So it is also necessary to find a rangefinder that is very easy to use and operate. Now you must be thinking that how you can understand which one will be easy to operate as you didn’t use it before. It is pretty simple. Every rangefinder has their user manual. So just take a look at those user manuals and choose the one which suits you the most.

Customer review

Yes, that is so important to check the real customer’s feedback about the rangefinder. Because they used the rangefinder and they can tell how the rangefinder is. As you didn’t use that rangefinder before, you will not have any idea about the rangefinder. That is natural. So it is important to check this. You can check some forums and blogs to get the idea of the real customers. You can also check some online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. to find the real feedback.


It is up to you whether you choose a laser rangefinder or GPS watches. But you must need to consider the described things to find good a laser rangefinder.