Losing weight is not always as turf as they say. Also you don’t have to do different things to enjoy losing weight. It can be made interesting provided you are aware of the right approach and willing to do the things differently. Below are the 8 easy to follow and interesting to do ways to lose weight. Read On:

1) Make Blue Your Everyday Color:

Though stupid it sounds but it is true. Studies show that the blue color acts as an appetite suppressant. If you want to lose weight fast then make blue your everyday color. Start wearing blue clothes, eat food in blue utensils, dress your dining hall with blue paint and so on. You might have noticed that not many fast-food restaurants are colored blue. Rather they use colors like red, yellow and orange because these colors encourage eating.

2) Start Maintaining Food Diaries:

This is another great tip for losing weight. Enlist everything that goes inside your mouth, in the diary. Do this for a week. Survey has shown that the people following this strategy start eating 15% less than their usual diet.

Well, those 15% contributes a lot to store extra weights which you can easily avoid following this strategy.

3) Hang a Mirror beside the Dining Table:

Sit facing the mirror while eating. It is a fact that when you eat seeing yourself in a mirror, you eat less. You don’t believe it then try it yourself. Also, eating with seeing yourself in the mirror will remind you of your target to lose weight quickly.

You may not like this idea. But, hey! This sure is easy to do, right?

4) Eat slow and enjoy the foods you are having:

Hasty eating habit is bad for weight loss campaign. Research shows that, people who eats fast needs more food to satisfy their hunger. They also consume more unhealthy foods than a slow eater and consequently end up gaining extra weights.

Try to eat slow and be mindful while you eat. Feel the taste, smell; watch the color of your food. Enjoy your food completely. Don’t judge yourself while you eat, just be cautious every moment of your meal time. It will help you to stop over eating gradually and you will see good results within few months.

5) Reduce the Size of Your Plates:

Stop eating in the usual 10-14 inches plates if you want to lose weight fast. Get some smaller size plates for yourself. Studies shows that less is the quantity of food in the plate, less you will eat. Therefore switch to smaller plates right from your next meal.

6) Eat Only When You Are Hungry:

It is seen very often that people are in a habit of eating as they see something delicious or spicy, even though they might not be hungry. This is a very obvious reason why they fail to fulfill their target of losing weight.

7) Prefer To Eat Fruits Than To Drink Fruit Juice:

When you drink fruit juice then it can only give you the satisfaction of thirst. But if you eat fruits instead of having their juices then it gives you the satisfaction of both, the thirst and the HUNGER. This again depletes your hunger for food and ultimately you eat less.

8) Wear light weighted vest while you do your daily works:

This is an interesting tip that you can definitely tryout. Weighted vest is not an unfamiliar thing now-a-days. Weighted cloths are used in various purposes now, especially in weight loss program, augmenting athletic performances, treating autism, reducing chances of bone decay in elder, increase strength, improving posture etc.

Research shows a significant impact weighted vests in burning extra calories. In your daily activities you can wear weighted vests under your normal clothing and can easily burn some extra calories. However, be cautious about choosing the right weighted vest for you before trying this idea.

9) Avoid elevator and use stairs instead:

This is one of the most common advice you heard very often relates to weight loss. Although very few of us actually make it a daily practice. If you can make it a habit then you may easily burn a good amount of calories daily without even thinking about it.

10) Join in any types of sports that involve physical work:

What games do you enjoy? Don’t say “Chess”. Not because chess isn’t a cool game, I love chess, but, because in this case you need to choose something that require physical activities. Then manage yourself to spend some time, 3-4 times a week, on that game. Find a group who plays that game, join them.

You won’t believe afterward how much you are enjoying the time while wearing out yourself completely.

11) Try, Not To Sit for More Than 2 Hours Continuously:

Get up and take five minutes brisk walk around your office or home, every 2 hours. This helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body and reduces the tendency of blood to coagulate at any particular part of your body, which again may lead to more fat.

12) Cancel Your Movie Tickets For Following Few Weekends:

And plan to go for some social outings. How many parks are there around your home? Plan to roam around and interact with people to have fun. Or join a volleyball league, go for long distance cycling. You will have so much of fun along with reaching your target of losing weight.


Although, there are several more interesting ways to enjoy losing weight, but for the time being stick to above.



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