If you’re thinking of starting a video blog or vlog, surely you’re wondering which of the hundreds of cameras there are the best to record a video blog. Choose a high quality camera is important, but equally important is that the camera fits perfectly to the type of work you want to do. The best camera for YouTube videos may not be the same for many of the vloggers you already follow.

Here I leave some examples of different types of channels YouTube and camera types best suited to each of them:

Part 1. Tutorials – Beauty, crafts, fitness etc.

The importance of a high quality video for these kind of vlogs is crucial. If you want to give makeup tips, then the makeup you wear has to look in the best way. Similarly, if you’re going to teach someone how to make or create something, either a scarf or a cake, your final product must have good presence so that viewers feel envy and want to make them too.

The Canon EOS 60D is a DSLR that will offer a lot of flexibility and will allow you to produce some videos in HD without any weakness. His 1200 $ are a little high priced, but worth it if you are going to take seriously your vlog. If you simply want to try a little with your YouTube channel or not you going to take seriously, then you can decant for a slightly cheaper camera like the Olympus PEN E-P5, which is very easy to use and can record also HD videos.

Part 2. Games

If you have a gaming channel, then the main thing will look for a camera to record the screen and your face to see the reactions. To stand out, you need a crisp, clear picture, but if you only go to record yourself with these types of plans, you will not need an expensive as a powerful DSLR camera.

You can meet your needs with a webcam, if you have adequate. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 an excellent record HD (1080p) and also has light correction.

Part 3. Action!

Crisp and well defined HD videos are vital to record action. A camera from moving and blurring record is a natural enemy of any YouTuber who intends recorded during sports or outdoor scenes action. You have to look for a camera that has a built-in stabilizer.

The GoPro is unbeatable in this sense, especially when you’re the first person in action. GoPro will give you a clearer picture when you make snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking, and is very affordable.

Part 3. Comedy and everyday situations

Maybe your vlog not have a specific topic. Maybe you’re planning to simply share funny stories about your day or ramble on about things that go through your head.

For added versatility probably you want a DSLR. The Canon EOS 60D that recommended above for beauty vloggers will also be useful if you’re shooting in different situations and scenarios. And this versatility will come in very well especially if you are going to record some video of comedy with a script.

If the aim of your vlog is that you’re the protagonist, speaking directly to camera, then it is better to opt for the Logitech HD Pro, which will cover all your needs.

And for a little more flexibility, you can also consider the option of using a model of the latest mobile phones. Current phones have cameras that record video in high quality, and that make excellent cameras to vlogs. Even the most modern record in 4K, which are not able to make many camera models. And there are some who have built a physical image stabilizer (OIS), which will reduce these tremors and movements so that your pictures go much smoother and defined.

You can record your vlog style selfie with your phone in hand or, even better, by mounting it on a tripod.

Learn more about this topic you can visit this site. As a vlogger, you can find here huge helpful updated information. Happy vlogging!