Backpack or suitcase? It is perhaps the main question of anyone who is about to launch the world, personally I always prefer to use a backpack to travel.

Before telling you how to choose the best backpack for traveling I will tell you the reasons why I prefer it.

The main reason is comfort. I live in constant movement, every week I am staying in a different hotel, some of better category than others, when I refer to category I mean “they have elevators”.

In Europe and Asia the buildings are old and small, in the middle of alleys you will find your hotel and most likely they do not have an elevator and you will have to climb to a 4th or 5th floor by stairs, the easiest way to do this is backpack.

Train stations, airports, seaports and any other place where you have to take a means of transport are likely to be far from the tourist area where you stay, using taxis is generally expensive and if you opt for public transport or walking, Which is how I do to keep expenses down, then it is better to walk in the middle of the city with a backpack on the shoulder than to lug a suitcase.

Something as simple as lowering or climbing a stool becomes a challenge, do not say cross a street, when you bring a suitcase.

But not all are benefits because unlike the suitcases, the backpack will load on your back with the weight of your luggage and even if it is minimum after 10 minutes walking you will begin to resent.

That is why it is essential to choose the best travel backpack, the one that fits your body or at least have the ideal characteristics to make this possible and are the following:

How to choose a backpack for traveling

Distribution of weight in the hip: The travel backpack you buy must have special straps which are held at waist height, it is necessary that the weight of the backpack falls on the hip (at least 80% of the weight should fall here) and not in your shoulders or back in this way will avoid hurting you. Try to get a backpack that fits the size of your torso (height from shoulders to hip), or at least one in which you can adjust the height of these straps. The backpack I have can be modified the height of it, which allows me to determine to what height I will place it.

Internal structure: Most of the current backpacks have an internal structure that gives them shape and allows them to fit better on your back, try to find one that provides structure but does not add much weight: The empty backpack should not weigh much, most of the time this weight is due to the internal structure they have.

Front straps: To date, almost all backpacks have straps that can be fastened to your chest. Buy a travel backpack where you can adjust the height of the straps, look for the height to your chest and not above.

Various accesses: Most backpacker backpacks are loaded from the top, modern backpacks can be accessed from a zipper placed on the side and also on the bottom. This will help you to get the things that are in the back or middle of your backpack without having to empty it all.

Padlocks: Look for access to your backpack you can put a padlock to prevent it open, usually with 2 zippers that you can put a padlock on them is enough. A padlock will not only prevent it from opening, it will also prevent it from opening itself, it will sound strange but it has happened to me.

Rain blanket: The new backpacks already have included in the bottom inside a bag a rain blanket. It is a plus to have it already included, in case your backpack does not have it, do not worry you will be able to buy one separately.

Watch this video to learn details to buy a best backpack (Video)