If you are just about to go out and buy yourself brand new best multifunction printers 2017, you might want to hang fire until you have read our guide. You see, a multifunction printer has plenty more to offer than a first printer on its own.

Finding out what your requirements

How often do you use your existing printer? Do you regularly need the use of a scanner or a copier and you always come up short? What about printing photos? Do you wish you could do more and print better quality ones?

All of these questions should help you choose the right multifunction printer for you. For example, if you rarely print off the photos you take on your digital camera then you may not want to worry about getting an all in one model that is capable of professional photo quality prints.

Similarly, if you run a small home business, your needs may be much more closely geared to printing plenty of documents. If this is the case, then you may benefit much more from having a better quality scanner and copier included in the design.

Find out how much the replacement cartridges cost

We’ve mentioned this above. Always make sure you know how much you can buy the cartridges for before purchasing any all in one printer. Furthermore, find out if they are individual colors or whether it requires a multifunction cartridge.

The latter version is more expensive to replace and can waste a lot of ink. If you find you are using cyan more than the other two colors for example, why waste all the other ink when you only really need to replace that one?


Inkjet or laser?

You will have heard of both methods of printing, and you will need to decide which one you want to go for when you buy your new multifunction printer. Laser printers are usually much better quality when it comes to the visual finish of a printed document or picture.

However, if you are going to print both documents and photos on a regular basis, you might find inkjet printers to be a better choice.

Another point you need to think about here is the price of the cartridges, though. Inkjet cartridges are often cheaper than the ones you will find for laser multifunction printers. But with that said, you will also find that a toner cartridge for a laser printer will still keep going far beyond the length of time a standard inkjet cartridge will last for. It’s all swings and roundabouts.


Mono or color printing?

If you are going to be printing up photos then, your decision has been made for you. In this instance, a color printer is the only choice – unless you only want black and white pictures!

In practice, most people will go for color all in one printer because they are a lot more versatile. The only situation where this may not be the case is in an office setting where typed documents are continually being printed out. If you have no condition for printing the photos – or even colored diagrams of any kind – then a mono all in one printer will suit you the best. In this case, you will find that the printer is set up to be focused purely on that type of printing, which is an advantage for you in an office only setting.


Final Words

As you can see, there is a lot to take in with the multifunction printer. You also need to take a look at the scanning and copying capabilities, although these tend not to be quite as complicated as the printer part.