Though all types of exercises are beneficial for our overall health, you need to do some specific exercises when focusing on obtaining particular benefits. So, when you are exercising in order to lose some extra pounds from your body, you need to perform those exercise help to lose weight. Do not know what those exercises are? Here are some most effective weight loss exercises that you can perform without investing too much. Let’s get started right now!



Push-up is one of the most popular forms of exercises that almost all fitness lovers start with. It is a preliminary exercise, and you can try this one out at anywhere you like. Push-up helps to burn your extra calories that ultimately results in weight loss. Push-up is raising your body up from the floor using your arms while keeping your body straight. It also strengthens the muscles in your arms, chest, and shoulders.



Squat is another popular and efficient full body workout to develop the muscles in the lower portion of your body. This particular form of indoor exercise mainly targets the muscles in your thighs, hips, and buttocks. Squat is also a popular strength-training exercise and contributes a lot to increase your metabolic rate. It can be an effective weight loss exercise if you can practice regularly.


Abdominal Crunch:

Abdominal crunch can help to a great extent to lose weight. If you track your calorie intake and maintain a scheduled workout routine, you are more likely to lose weight with simple workouts like crunches. Abdominal crunch also helps you burning stored fats in your abdominal area. It also strengthens the muscles around your abdomen and tones them. You can burn around 25 calories with less than five minutes doing nonstop crunches.



Like squats, lunges can be an effective workout to strengthen the lower portion of your body and firm the muscles. It is also very effective to tone the muscles in your hips and thighs. For weight loss, lunge involves most of the muscles in the lower portion of your body that results in maximum calorie burning. It involves the muscles in your abdominal area and tones them when you step forward and bend down.



Mountain Climb:

Like climbing to the top of a mountain through the rough path, indoor mountain climbing also requires much effort. Whether you are using a resistance band or not, try to afford as much effort as you can. Just remember one thing- the more efforts you employ, the more calories you burn. Again, the faster you will burn more calories, the faster you will start to lose weight. It involves your hamstrings, obliques, and butt while moving your legs repeatedly in a fixed movement. You can try mountain climbing to burn extra calories in an excellent way.


Jump Rope:

Jump rope might remind your school days when you used to compete with your mates. However, when you are jumping the rope to lose some added pounds, it takes something more than that competition. It involves your whole body when you jump and helps you burning calories to lose some weight. It also tones your body as well.



Apart from these cost-free indoor weight loss exercises, you can also get yourself involved in some mid-range workouts for rapid weight loss. You can also take part in some cardio workouts that may provide you with double benefits. A cardio workout, like exercising on an Upright Exercise Bike is both heart-healthy and effective for rapid weight loss. It can also be a decent option for the indoor workout if you cannot manage much time for going to the gym.