It is necessary for every person that loves outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, horseback riding, fishing or any other outdoor activity to learn survival tips and tricks. Wilderness survival is not easy. One requires basic wilderness survival skills to survive if an emergency occurs. Early preparation enhances wilderness survival. So, here are some survival tips and tricks to help you.

How to choose the best survival tips And tricks tips

1#. Communication. Before leaving, always make sure that someone knows where you are. It will help them to find you if you get stranded. If you get lost, you can use a pocket knife to craft messages on trees or the ground to tell people where you are.

2#. Hunger. Carry enough food with you. Hunger increases your susceptibility to the effects of pain, cold and fear. It also reduces your thinking ability making you feel cranky, weak and delirious. Learn earlier about edible fruits and wild plants. They could be of help in case you run out of food.

3#. Thirst. Your body cannot survive without water. Always carry water so that you are not dehydrated. Dehydration can make your mind dull, making you overlook some emergency decisions. If you find a fresh water mass near you, boil the water first before using. Alternatively, you can construct a water still or water catcher to help you trap water. Learn how to filter the water to make the water usable.

4#. Build a shelter. You need to familiarize yourself with how to create emergency shelters. They could be handy in the wilderness as you will need to keep yourself warm at night and to protect yourself from other elements. Tents are ideal. You can use a sealant to waterproof your tent. Always sleep on raised surfaces.

5#. Light a fire. Fire is essential as it will give you light, warmth and you will be able to cook your food. Choose an ideal place to light the fire. The fire also scares away wild animals. Smoke from the fire could be used as a signal in case of an emergency. Use small twigs, grass and other tinder to light the fire.

 6#. Navigation. It is always good to have a compass with you to help you in navigation. Knowing your direction increases your chances of survival. Your watch can also serve as a compass. Take note of landmarks of the places you are. They could help you get to roads or the direction that you want etc.

7# Handy tools. Always have a pocket knife with you because you will never know when you will need it. You can use it to do very many useful things. Extra clothes, a first aid kit, a waterproof matchstick or lighter, a watch and a torch can also be helpful. Always remember to carry them. Your first aid kit should have blades, a sanitizer, bandages and tampons.


The survival tips and tricks mentioned are important for outdoor survival. Use them improve your outdoor activity experience. You will learn more survival tips and tricks on your own the more you go out camping.