There’s some food which can help you to reduce your extra weight.  Let’s discuss about theses food.

  • Tropical almond:

Tropical almond is a great food for health. There’s enough amount of vitamin and mineral which supplies energy in body for the whole day. The fiber of tropical almond lessens hunger. Doctors advise to eat tropical almond to control extra fat but you should avoid salty tropical almond.

  • Apple:

Do you know apple is very effective food to reduce extra weight? There’s 4-5gm fiber in an apple.  Apple reduces hunger. There’s also much anti-oxidant and pectin which burns fat.   The common theory about apple is, if anyone eats an apple in a day, he doesn’t need to go to any doctor.

  • White part of egg:

There are lots of people who thoughts that, the white part of egg increases fat. This theory is totally wrong. If you eat the white part of egg, that will stay in your belly for long time and that will lessen your hunger.

  • Cauliflower:

Cauliflower helps to reduce weight. It is a low calorie food. There’s also many fiber in cauliflower. Cauliflower helps to remove toxic from our body.

  • Capsicum:

There’s lot of vitamin C in capsicum. This vitamin C helps to lessen weight very easy and fast. You can eat any color of capsicum. You can use capsicum in curry. The best way to eat capsicum is, using it in salad.

  • Olive oil:

There’s healthy fat in olive oil which creates the feel of hunger crisis.  For that reason, the trend of hunger becomes low.

  • Garlic:

Garlic helps to control high cholesterol and insulin and blood sugar. Every day in morning, eat a bit of garlic and after that drink a glass of lemon juice. That will help you to lessen your fat of belly at twice speed.

  • Oats:

 Oats is the most delicious food among low calorie foods. There’s too many fiber in oats, which will increase your metabolism and control your cholesterol.

  • Green tea:

Green tea is a very effective drink to reduce extra weight. Drink two cup of green tea daily and you will get a good result.