Have you ever had car insurance for a teen? In case you have, you might know that car coverage is expensive. It will cost you more than $1500 every year averagely when you want to add a teen driver to the family policy. Car insurance for 18 years old is expensive because the teen drivers are in the age which represents the highest risks for the car insurance companies. The car crashes that are the leading accidents in the United States are causing deaths for drivers of ages between 16 and 19 years.

It is expedient for the parents of the teenagers to compare the prices of the car insurance policies from various companies and consider even the discounts.


How to Buy the Insurance

Before examining the cheapest rates from the best car insurance companies for the teenagers, let us think about how to purchase the car insurance for these teens. In case you are a parent or a guardian, you know how important it is to have a good car insurance. And also, you have to know that it is stressful to have a teen driver in the household. Fortunately, you can still give him or her a proper protections on the roads at an affordable price.


When ensuring that the teens save money when buying the policies, there are various tips to explore:

Getting good grades: the students who are performing better in school are also likely to engage in accidents when driving. Hence, consider encouraging the teens to play well.

Professional training courses: the young drivers who have done an excellent vocational training course in driving are likely to get a traffic ticket. Hence they are less liable to have a collision and eventually, they are less likely to be in an accident which results in injury or death. The young people who ignored these training courses are at risks.

The signing of the driving contract: many of the insurance companies will be offering discounts or some benefits for the teen drivers who sign a driving contract with them. The agreement will include wearing seatbelts, no texting or eating while driving, calling for a ride if impaired the traffic and parking tickets and maintaining good grades to car maintenance.


The cheapest rates to consider

The following are the best car insurance companies for teenagers:


USAA remains still to be the best insurance company when it comes to car insurance. It gives up to 10% discount for the good students. Good news. For the students who are attending school at least 100 miles way from their homes and leave their cars at home, the discount is 25%. This company gives the best car insurance for 18-year-old.


Nationwide will give a discount of up to 15% for the drivers who are aged 16 to 24 with the mean grade of B averagely. Fortunately, the relatives in the same households can as well enjoy the discounts!

American Family

American Family gives a good student a discount of varying percentages, and they are great. There is also cut for the drivers who are younger than 24, and they attend school more than 100 miles from their homes, and they leave the car behind.


Other good companies include GEICO and State Farm.

The teen drivers can also consider buying their car insurance policies rather than the families covering them. However, it still benefits to be in the shade of the parent when it comes to life insurance. So next time you chose car insurance for 18 years old, consider the companies and the features are given prior to making the deal.



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