12 Essential Tools For Homeowner Needs


We do not hire a home mechanic to repair our small home jobs. Most of us try to repair small home task ourselves. If we keep some essential tools like Socket Set, Screwdriver set, Pliers, Adjustable Wrench, Utility Knife, Hex key tool, Hammer, Tape Measure, Ladder – these will help a lot to complete small jobs effortlessly or with less effort.

In this resource article, we listed 12 most important toolkits that can reduce your hard work and make you comfortable to do home task. You need not spend hundred or thousand bucks to buy them; you can get each of them only at a price of coffee or tea.

12 Essential Tools for Homeowner

socket-setSocket Set:

If you are stuck for budget & don’t want to spend separately for each tool, then you can buy a socket set at a low price. This will bring all important tools for you. Screwdriver, Adjustable Wrench, Hammer all you can get in a single box. This will save your money and help you to do anything like a professional home mechanic.

Screw Driver Set:

Another important tool box for us. For repairing any electronic device or wood box, we must need screwdriver set. Different type of device needs a different type of screwdriver. If you keep a box in your house, you can repair any device with it.


Generally known as groove-joint pliers that have wide opening jaws. This tool has a wide range of works; you can do any plumbing project with this essential tool. This helps to attach any pins from anywhere.

Adjustable Wrench:

This is a well-known home repair tool for us. We use this construction tool to remove any nuts or bolts. This has a wide range of functionality in our home.

Cordless Drill:

Cordless Drill or power drill is another important tool for us. This helps on making small or big whole on any board or wall. This helps to attach a pin without any hassle.


For measurement and leveling of any layout a level is a most important tool. Most of the time, we need to measure our home equipment to adjust anywhere or for a better interior. In this issue, a level can help us a lot.

Utility knife:

A basic home equipment that always helps us to cut thin & tiny things. Small sharp blades help on comfortable and easy cutting. As safety cover keeps your hand protected from cutting, most of the people like to have utility knife rather than normal blades.

Hex key tool:

A nice handy set that easily fits in your pocket and eliminates carrying problem. You can use it for tightening any rotating mechanism. In this tool set, there has a metric adjustment screw that helps in working in moving condition.

Wire stripper:

Wire stripper or Wire Cutter has strong induction cutting edge that keeps it sharp for a long time. This is a plier style tools that has a sharp nose and that nose allows stripper to pull up and loop down. This has non-insulated and crimps insulated terminals also.


This is a most used construction material in our home. We all know this tool very well. Hammer helps us to do maximum house repair work with ease and comfort. This helps on attaching and reattaching any pins, nuts or bolts from wall or board.

Tape Measure:

Important home equipment for completing a small task like measuring your room for better interior or before cutting anything, you must measure it twice. This will ensure perfect cutting and shape everything properly. A tape measure is always important for small tasks. If you don’t measure your furniture properly, it won’t set properly. Especially when you are thinking about cutting anything – A measuring tape is a most important thing.


Working in height sometimes really hard for most of us. A lightweight alloy aluminum made folding ladder can help you a lot in this issue. If you are stuck for working on your roof, this kind of portable ladder can help you complete your work without any hassle.

Wrapping it up

We do not think to keep these home repair tools in our home though these are very cheap and effective. These are not costly to own in your home, but this can save some bucks like the cost of calling home repair mechanics. So this is an important issue, we should consider completing our home task effortlessly.